hand2mind Rekenrek 20-Bead Wood – Math Counting Frame

hand2mind Rekenrek 20-Bead Wood – Math Counting Frame

hand2mind Rekenrek 20-Bead Wood – Math Counting Frame


The hand2mind Rekenrek 20-Bead Wood is a fantastic educational tool designed to enhance children’s understanding of numbers and basic mathematical concepts. This individual math counting frame is suitable for children aged 5 and above, providing them with a hands-on learning experience.

Develop Number Concepts and Basic Facts

The Rekenrek 20-Bead Wood is an excellent resource for developing number sense and basic math skills. With its 20 beads, children can easily visualize and manipulate numbers up to ten. This counting frame allows them to explore various mathematical operations, such as addition, subtraction, and even early multiplication and division.

By physically moving the beads on the Rekenrek, children can gain a deeper understanding of number relationships and develop their problem-solving abilities. It encourages them to think critically and make connections between numbers, paving the way for more advanced mathematical concepts in the future.

Versatile and Durable Design

The Rekenrek 20-Bead Wood features a sturdy and durable construction, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of everyday classroom use. Its wooden frame and beads are designed to last, making it a reliable tool for both teachers and students.

Additionally, the counting frame is compact and portable, allowing for easy storage and transportation. Whether used in a classroom setting or at home, the Rekenrek can be conveniently carried around, ensuring that children have access to a valuable math learning tool wherever they go.

Benefits of Using the Rekenrek 20-Bead Wood

  • Enhances number sense and basic math skills
  • Encourages hands-on learning and active engagement
  • Develops critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Builds a strong foundation for advanced mathematical concepts
  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Compact and portable design for easy storage and transportation


The hand2mind Rekenrek 20-Bead Wood is an invaluable tool for educators and parents alike. Its ability to develop number concepts and basic facts up to ten, combined with its durable and portable design, makes it a must-have for any math classroom or home learning environment. Invest in the Rekenrek today and watch your child’s mathematical skills flourish!