Packaging Strapping Kit – The Ultimate Solution for Secure Packing

Packaging Strapping Kit – The Ultimate Solution for Secure Packing

Packaging Strapping Kit – The Ultimate Solution for Secure Packing


Are you tired of your packages getting damaged during transportation? Look no further! The packaging strapping kit is here to solve all your packing woes. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to securely strap your goods, ensuring they arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

Main Features

Strapping Tensioner & Sealer

The strapping tensioner tool is used in combination with the strapping sealer tool. It is recommended for use with 1/2-3/4 inch (13mm/16mm/19mm) width PP/PET straps. The durable and sturdy design ensures a long lifespan. With a maximum tightening force of 400Kg, you can trust this tool to keep your packages tightly secured.

Polyester PET Packing Strapping Strap

Our packaging strapping kit includes a 330ft/100m coil of high-quality PET strapping strap. Made with anti-skid texture, this strap is 13mm wide and 0.8mm thick. It offers excellent durability and a breaking strength of 200lb, providing super tensile strength to protect your goods.

Metal Seals

To ensure a secure hold, we provide a bag of 50pcs semi-open metal clips specifically designed for 17mm strapping. These metal seals, with a thickness of approximately 0.8mm, tightly secure the overlap banding in place after being clamped by the sealer.

Multifunctional Manual Banding Strapping Tools

Our strapping banding kit is not limited to sealing corrugated boxes or bundling steel. It is also ideal for bundling glass, pipes, materials, and even fruits. Whether you’re in a warehouse, moving, or need to secure cargo during transportation, this kit is the perfect solution.

Wide Applications

This strapping banding kit set comes complete with 50 metal seals, a 330ft/100m banding coil, a tensioner tool, and a sealer tool. It is durable and sturdy enough to withstand heavy use, making it a reliable companion for all your packing needs. If any part is missing or broken, please contact us, and we will promptly assist you in resolving the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this strapping kit be used with other types of straps?

Our strapping tensioner and sealer tools are specifically designed for use with 1/2-3/4 inch (13mm/16mm/19mm) width PP/PET straps. While they may not be compatible with other types of straps, we offer a wide range of kits suitable for different strap sizes and materials.

2. How many packages can I secure with a 330ft/100m banding coil?

The number of packages you can secure depends on the size and weight of each package. On average, a 330ft/100m banding coil can secure approximately 50-100 packages. However, it is always recommended to have extra strapping on hand to ensure you have enough for all your packing needs.

3. Are the metal seals reusable?

No, the metal seals included in our strapping banding kit are not reusable. Once they are clamped by the sealer, they provide a secure hold and cannot be easily removed without damaging the strap. We recommend using new metal seals for each package to ensure maximum security.

In conclusion, the packaging strapping kit is the ultimate solution for secure packing. With its versatile tools, durable PET strapping strap, and reliable metal seals, you can trust this kit to keep your packages tightly secured during transportation. Don’t let your goods get damaged – invest in the packaging strapping kit today!