Osprey Womens Full Length Wetsuit

Osprey Womens Full Length Wetsuit

Osprey Womens Full Length Wetsuit


The Osprey Womens Full Length Wetsuit is the perfect choice for women who are looking for a high-quality wetsuit at an affordable price. Designed with beginners and intermediate surfers in mind, this wetsuit offers excellent features and style without compromising on performance.

Main Features

1. Ultra-Flex Neoprene

The wetsuit is made from ultra-flex neoprene, providing maximum flexibility and freedom of movement in the water. This allows you to paddle and surf with ease, enhancing your overall performance.

2. Chest & Back Wind Shields

To protect you from the elements, the wetsuit features chest and back wind shields. These shields provide additional insulation and help to keep you warm even in windy conditions.

3. Anti-Rub & Sealed Openings

To prevent chafing and water flushing, the wetsuit is equipped with anti-rub and sealed openings. This ensures a comfortable fit and keeps water out, allowing you to stay focused on your surfing.

4. Ergonomic Panelling

The wetsuit is designed with ergonomic panelling, providing a superior aesthetic fit. This not only enhances your appearance but also improves the overall comfort and performance of the wetsuit.

5. Rubberised Knee Pads

For added durability and protection, the wetsuit features rubberised knee pads. These knee pads make it easy to kneel, even on rocky surfaces, ensuring that your wetsuit stays in great condition for longer.


  • Full length back zip
  • Key loop to keep keys safe
  • 3 mm neoprene on the body and 2 mm under the arms for full range of motion
  • Entirely flat locked seams for maximum comfort
  • Stretch collar and comfortable anti-rub openings to prevent chafing and water flushing
  • Supratex knee pads for easy kneeling, even on rocky surfaces
  • Wind resistant mesh panelling on chest and back for additional protection

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What sizes are available for the Osprey Womens Full Length Wetsuit?

The Osprey Womens Full Length Wetsuit is available in multiple sizes to ensure a perfect fit for every woman. Please refer to the size chart for more information.

2. Can I use this wetsuit for spring and summer?

Yes, this wetsuit is ideal for spring and summer seasons. With its 3 mm neoprene on the body and 2 mm under the arms, it provides the perfect balance of insulation and flexibility.

3. How do I take care of my Osprey Womens Full Length Wetsuit?

To ensure the longevity of your wetsuit, it is recommended to rinse it with fresh water after each use and hang it to dry in a shaded area. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or harsh chemicals.

Invest in the Osprey Womens Full Length Wetsuit and experience the perfect combination of style, comfort, and performance. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate surfer, this wetsuit will exceed your expectations and enhance your surfing experience.