Hercules DJMonitor 42 – Active Monitoring Speakers

Hercules DJMonitor 42 – Active Monitoring Speakers

Hercules DJMonitor 42 – Active Monitoring Speakers

About the Hercules DJMonitor 42

The Hercules DJMonitor 42 is a pair of active monitoring speakers that deliver exceptional sound reproduction and precision. Designed with high-end components, these speakers are perfect for DJs, audio professionals, and music enthusiasts who demand the best listening experience.

Design and Performance

Manufactured with high-end components, the Hercules DJMonitor 42 ensures optimal precision, sound reproduction, and exceptional listening quality. These speakers have been developed in Hercules’ engineers’ own professional anechoic chamber, allowing for the optimization of their performance.

Quality and Sound Spatialization

The Hercules DJMonitor 42 features a 4-inch woofer, shifted vents, and tweeters, as well as a 9mm MDF cabinet. This combination of components and design elements results in great sound spatialization, allowing you to hear every detail of your music with clarity and depth.

Optimal Speaker Positioning

For the best listening experience, it is recommended to position the Hercules DJMonitor 42 speakers at a 60-degree angle between each other and between the user and the speakers. Additionally, the height should be adjusted so that the listener’s ears are level with the midpoint between the speakers’ tweeters and drivers.

Technical Specifications

  • RMS output power: 2 x 20 watts
  • Peak power: 80 watts
  • Frequency response: 60 Hz – 20,000 Hz
  • Dimensions: 220mm x 185mm x 155mm (H x L x D)