G Cooler Box Cool Bag 19L Ice Cooler 20QT Rotomolded Ice Chest for Outdoor Camping BBQ Travel (Seafoam Green)

G Cooler Box Cool Bag 19L Ice Cooler 20QT Rotomolded Ice Chest for Outdoor Camping BBQ Travel (Seafoam Green)

G Cooler Box Cool Bag 19L Ice Cooler 20QT Rotomolded Ice Chest for Outdoor Camping BBQ Travel (Seafoam Green)

Are you tired of your ice melting too quickly during outdoor activities? Look no further! Introducing the G Cooler Box Cool Bag, the ultimate solution to keeping your goods chilled for days. Whether you’re going camping, having a BBQ, or embarking on a travel adventure, this 19L ice cooler is your perfect companion.


The G Cooler Box Cool Bag has a capacity to hold approximately 48 cans (350ml) without any ice added. With a good pre-chill, you can expect your ice to last 3-5 days frozen. For even longer-lasting ice, we recommend a 2:1 ice to goods ratio. Always remember to chill or freeze your goods before packing your cooler for optimal performance.

Superior Construction

Our cooler box is built to last. Made from virtually indestructible roto-molded thermoplastic, it can withstand any outdoor adventure. The new endurable latch ensures easy locking and opening, while the commercial food-grade safe dry ice compatibility provides peace of mind. Additionally, the UV protection feature keeps your cooler box safe from harmful sun rays.


We understand the importance of a leak-proof cooler box. That’s why our G Cooler Box Cool Bag is equipped with a durable sealing gasket to ensure excellent leak-proof performance. The friction pads increase stability, preventing any unwanted movement. The stainless steel lock not only secures your cooler but also doubles as a bottle opener. The unique design of the release valve allows for easy opening, and the recessed drain plug helps drain liquid from the cooler box effortlessly. With non-slip bottoms, you can trust that your cooler will stay in place.

Unique Design

One of the standout features of our ice cooler is its ability to be sealed and airtight. The pressure relief system allows for depressurizing the cooler, making it easier to open the lid. No more struggling with a stubborn lid! The G Cooler Box Cool Bag is designed with convenience in mind.


If you find it difficult to open the lid when the cooler is under refrigeration, simply turn the pressure relief valve anticlockwise to balance the internal and external pressure. This will make opening the lid a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does the ice last in the G Cooler Box Cool Bag?
  2. The ice can last 3-5 days frozen, and even longer with a good pre-chill.

  3. Can I use dry ice with this cooler box?
  4. Absolutely! The G Cooler Box Cool Bag is dry ice compatible, ensuring your goods stay chilled for longer.

  5. Is the cooler box leak-proof?
  6. Yes, the durable sealing gasket ensures excellent leak-proof performance.

  7. Can I use the stainless steel lock as a bottle opener?
  8. Yes, the stainless steel lock is designed to double as a convenient bottle opener.


Experience the ultimate cooling solution with the G Cooler Box Cool Bag. Its superior construction, functional features, and unique design make it the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures. Keep your goods chilled for days and enjoy worry-free storage with this 19L ice cooler. Say goodbye to melted ice and hello to long-lasting freshness!