Echogear On-Wall Cable Concealer Kit – Hide TV Cords

Echogear On-Wall Cable Concealer Kit – Hide TV Cords

Echogear On-Wall Cable Concealer Kit – Hide TV Cords


Messy cords? Check. Phillips screwdriver? Check. A positive attitude? Trick question! That doesn’t matter. Installing this cable management solution will be over so fast, you won’t have time to get crabby. We’ve provided all the hardware. You’re only responsible for the handiwork. The easy-peazy, 6-screw kind of handiwork that will take you less than 15 minutes. (Just in case we didn’t make that clear.)

Keep it Clean, Guys

This is how we get ants! Oops, sorry – that’s a different kind of mess. But dangling, ugly wires is just as punishable of an offense. This on-wall cable management solution will tame your tangled cords, taking your setup from child’s play to #adultingallday.

All Setups Matter

Up high? Down low? Wherever your TV cables plug in, this cable tunnel will go. (So, we’re in a rhyming mood. Sorry.) Included cord cover pieces are 48″, but can be cut to size to fit your unique setup. Like your setup clean and sleek? It’s paintable for wall matching, which is pretty sweet. (Sorry. Again.)

We’re Here to Help

Questions? Installation concerns? Testing knock-knock jokes? We’re here for it. Literally. We’ve got real-life, know-it-all product experts standing by, ready to help seven days a week.

Product Details

  • Model: EGAV-CMOW1
  • 100% American-made
  • Easy alternative to in-wall cable management
  • Installation time: less than 15 minutes
  • Snaps on or off for easy access
  • Paintable to blend in with your wall
  • Cable channel length: 48″
  • Customizable length to fit your setup
  • Can comfortably fit 6-8 cables
  • Customer support available 7 days a week


No one should have to go through this. The wall, that is. This 100% American-made, on-wall TV cord cover is a great-looking, easy alternative to in-wall cable management. With its quick installation, customizable length, and paintable design, it’s the perfect solution to hide messy TV cords. Don’t let tangled wires ruin your setup. Get the Echogear On-Wall Cable Concealer Kit today!