D & H Layers Pellets 20kg – High-Quality Poultry Feed

D & H Layers Pellets 20kg – High-Quality Poultry Feed

D & H Layers Pellets 20kg


Welcome to the world of D & H Layers Pellets 20kg, the ultimate poultry feed for your feathered friends. Whether you have hens, ducks, or bantams, this high-quality feed is designed to meet their nutritional needs and promote optimal egg production. With a perfect blend of essential fatty and amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, and natural pigments, your poultry will thrive and lay eggs with excellent size, shell strength, and deep yolk color.

Main Features

1. Suitable for All Types of Poultry

From point of lay to depletion, D & H Layers Pellets 20kg is suitable for all types of hens. Additionally, it can be fed to laying ducks and bantams, ensuring a well-balanced diet for your entire flock.

2. Optimum Levels of Essential Nutrients

Our Layers Pellets contain optimum levels of essential fatty and amino acids, providing your poultry with the necessary building blocks for good egg size and overall health. The carefully balanced formula ensures that your birds receive the nutrients they need to thrive.

3. Promotes Good Shell Strength

Calcium and phosphorus are essential for strong eggshells. D & H Layers Pellets 20kg contains the perfect combination of these minerals, helping to promote good shell strength and reduce the risk of cracked or weak shells.

4. Enhances Yolk Color

Our pellets are enriched with natural pigments such as Lutein and Zeaxanthin, derived from marigold and maize extracts, as well as Citranaxanthin found in citrus fruits. These pigments contribute to a deep, vibrant yolk color, making your eggs visually appealing and nutritious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much should I feed my poultry?

A: The recommended feeding amount is approximately X grams per bird per day. However, it’s important to monitor your poultry’s weight and adjust the feeding quantity accordingly.

Q: Can I mix D & H Layers Pellets with other feeds?

A: Yes, you can mix our pellets with other feeds to provide variety in your poultry’s diet. However, ensure that the overall nutritional balance is maintained.

Q: Is this feed suitable for chicks?

A: No, D & H Layers Pellets 20kg is specifically formulated for adult poultry. For chicks, we recommend using our specialized chick feed.

Q: How long does a 20kg bag last?

A: The duration of a 20kg bag depends on the number of birds you have and their daily consumption. On average, a bag can last for approximately X weeks.

Invest in the well-being of your poultry with D & H Layers Pellets 20kg. Order now and witness the difference in egg quality and overall health. Your feathered friends will thank you!