Coravin Pivot – Wine-by-the-Glass System – Grey – Wine Saver and Pourer

Coravin Pivot – Wine-by-the-Glass System – Grey – Wine Saver and Pourer

Coravin Pivot – Wine-by-the-Glass System – Grey – Wine Saver and Pourer

Extend the life of your everyday wines with the Pivot Wine Preservation System. Whether you want to enjoy a glass of Cabernet at the end of a long day, or pair your favorite Riesling with Tuesday night take-out, the ingenious combination of the Pivot Stopper and Device preserves the remaining bottle for up to 4 weeks. Match your wine to your mood, dinner courses or the weather, with the Pivot Wine Preservation System, the choice is yours. Includes 1 Pivot Wine Preservation System in Grey, 1 Coravin Pure Capsule, and 2 Pivot Stoppers.

5-Piece Kit

The Coravin Pivot wine saver comes with 1 Pivot system, 1 argon gas capsule, 2 Pivot wine bottle stoppers, and 1 bottle sleeve – the perfect addition to your set of bar accessories! A wine aerator attachment is also available for this model.

Pivot Wine-By-The-Glass System

Better than standard wine openers – pour a sip, a taste, a glass or more, and preserve the flavor, color, and aroma of the wine left in the bottle for up to 4 weeks. Try Coravin’s wine aerator attachment to enhance the taste of your wine. With Coravin Pivot, everything is open.

Enjoy Wine on Your Own Time

With the Coravin Pivot wine-by-the-glass preservation system and accessories, wine lovers can match their wine to their mood, dinner courses, or the weather without the pressure to finish or waste wine bottles. Even weeks later, the last glass will taste just like the first when you add Coravin’s tools to your home wine bar.

Superior Preservation

The Pivot wine-by-the-glass preservation system replaces poured wine with 100% food-grade argon gas, creating a protective blanket over remaining wine so it stays fresh longer. Pour up to 20 glasses with each of your Coravin capsules.

Easy to Use

Use a wine opener to open the wine bottle. Replace the wine cork or screw cap with a Pivot bottle stopper. When you are ready to pour, insert the Pivot wine pourer device through the stopper, tip the bottle so the spout is over the glass and press the button to pour. When finished, release the button, bring the bottle upright, remove the Pivot wine preserver and close the wine bottle stopper cap.