ALSIX 20 X 24″ Dry Sift Screen Set of 4 – Product Description

ALSIX 20 X 24″ Dry Sift Screen Set of 4 – Product Description

ALSIX 20 X 24″ Dry Sift Screen Set of 4


Discover the ALSIX 20 X 24″ Dry Sift Screen Set of 4, a high-quality product designed for efficient dry sifting. This set includes four screens with different mesh sizes, allowing you to obtain multiple finished products. Made of durable and lightweight 1050 pure aluminum, these screens are built to last. Let’s explore the features and benefits of this innovative product.


The ALSIX 20 X 24″ Dry Sift Screen Set of 4 is made of 99.9% 1050 pure aluminum, ensuring durability and lightweight performance. The screens feature an 18-tension nylon mesh, bonded with red glue imported from Germany. This mesh surface can withstand more than 200 pounds of gravity without deformation. Each screen measures 20x24x1.3 inches and comes in four different mesh sizes: 250, 150, 96, and 75 Micron.


When using the ALSIX Dry Sift Screen Set, it is recommended to use at least 2-5 sieve sizes for sieving. This allows you to obtain multiple levels of dry sieving, eliminating the need for single-micron sieves. The screens are designed according to the silk screen frame standard, ensuring high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, and no deformation. Additionally, they are scratch-resistant, providing long-lasting performance.


To prepare your material for dry sifting, it is recommended to break up any large buds into smaller popcorn-sized nugs. Place them in a ziplock bag and keep the bag in an airtight container in the freezer for 24-48 hours. The colder the material, the more brittle the trichomes will be, allowing them to break away more easily during the sifting process. The ALSIX Dry Sift Screen Set ensures efficient collection of trichomes for your desired finished products.


For optimal storage and maintenance, avoid direct contact with sharp objects on the mesh surface and exposure to sunlight. The ALSIX Dry Sift Screen Set is washable and air dry, ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance. The rust-free aluminum frame requires no additional maintenance. If you require different sizes and mesh sizes, please contact our after-sales service for personalized assistance and better service for your finished products.


Making dry sieves with the ALSIX 20 X 24″ Dry Sift Screen Set of 4 is a highly enjoyable process. While it may require some work, the end result is worth it. You will experience the satisfaction of handling successive batches of dry sieves through various screens, obtaining different finished products. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your dry sifting process with this innovative and efficient screen set.